Originally from Belgium, the now London-based Mannequins on 7th Street are an electro-pop duo whose talents quilt together in spellbinding synchronicity.
Alexandre Lambrecht, previously the frontman of Brussels indie-pop act “Throw Television”, and producer Tim de Fontaine teamed up in 2013 while studying jazz in Antwerp before relocating to London a few months later in order to pursue their project Mannequins on 7th Street.
The duo’s sound is at once artful and irresistibly catchy - infectious hooks encircled by intoxicating atmospheres of languid beats and velvety textures. Through deftly employed synthesizers and ever-smooth vocals, Mannequins on 7th Street anchor ethereal melodies with a rich, sonorous bass - and the result is truly something else.
Mannequins have created quite a buzz in their short time together as a group, already amassing over 100,000 plays on soundcloud, and their gigging résumé thus far already includes performances across UK and continental Europe. Mannequins have caught the eyes and ears of several blogs, radio stations and music publications, with immensely positive reviews surfacing online of their promo EP “Superblue” in addition to their promo single “Out Of Sight” featured in NME and Other Side Of Music, and their promo single “Free from Real” featured in 22tracks, Disco Naivete, Beehype, Dots & Dashes, Sound Dessert, The Wild Magazine.
The official release of their debut EP "Superblue" is set to be released on August 21st 2015, by "The Sound of Everything UK" – the UK offshoot label of "The Sound of Everything Records”which Mannequins have recently been signed to.
In a day and age where electronic music has found comfort in playing it safe and indie-pop is in dire need of innovation, Mannequins on 7th Street’s sound seems to have arrived right on time.


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