The Sound Of Everything UK is proud to present Aphty Khea's new self-titled EP, out on July 8th 2016. Made up of dark and brooding shades of experimental and electro-pop, the release is the cosmic character’s most eccentric and lush to date.

Hypnotic, intense and beautifully iridescent, both tracks are designed to soak your mind into a complete state of abstractness and sensuality. Inspired by the difficulty of not losing oneself in moments that might bear consequence on one’s psyche, ‘Onyx Glitz’ offers a window into the dark and twisted realms of psych-pop and trip-hop, characterised by battered synths and clasping percussion. In contrast, the much mellower ‘Peacebloom’ - which for Aphty reflects the infectious nature of love and kindness – calls to mind the sensuous R&B melodies of BANKS. Neatly lashed together, both tracks complement one another in their varying styles, and shed some light on the mysterious, alien-like entity that is Aphty Khea.

While on a daring quest of self-enlightenment, Khea descends from her starship Peacebloom as an outsider looking in on a world marked by banality. Armed with a visual mix of art and music, she is a “sonic healer” in the form of a chameleon humanoid – reflected through the vivid body paint seen in the EP’s accompanying video - who stumbles upon Earth from a parallel galaxy to find the planet gripped by omnipresent staleness; poisoned by a myopic perspective and destructive world view, and makes it her mission to breathe life into it. Characterised by a unique and ornamental aesthetic, she is known by her fans for delivering blissfully mesmerising live performances: much more than just an artist, she is a spectacle of inventiveness and obscurity.

Constructed through her love of trip-hop and abstract hip-hop, Khea’s latest offering is the result of a number of influences. Citing artists like J Dilla and Hiatus Kaiyote as two reference points to her music, alongside the avant-garde stylings of Björk and FKA Twigs, Khea’s new release not only captures an essence of eccentricity, but a keen sense of intrigue and subtlety as well.

Eclectic, invocative and provocative, ‘Aphty Khea’ EP is every bit as captivating as its creator. Comprised of an array of post-modern and experimental styles, it forms a daring deluge into the unknown entity that is Aphty Khea; as inspired a musical persona as you are ever likely to meet.

Written, Produced & Performed by Aphty Khea
Mixed by Rotem Haguel
Mastered by George Deligiannis at Mb3 Mastering