The Sound Of Everything (EU imprint)

The Sound Of Everything EU is the European imprint of The Sound Of Everything Records. It was founded in 2004 and it represents a wide range of sounds from artists around Europe. After a number of versatile releases, ranging from electronic to indie pop, the label has established the lack of focus on a specific genre, into a sonic and branding identity. 


Exploring 'the sound of everything' is the label's mission!


Pigeonholing music in styles and genres has never been a harder task. In fact it tends to become a meaningless task. Elements of jazz, funk, soul, rock or pop music can be found in most of the dance records produced within the last two decades. The interaction between musical genres has been so strong that the fusion of different styles is now a common practice for composers, producers and performers. 

This creation of musical crossroads is expressed by our logo: Musical pathways which can be parallel or intersect each other to give birth to new styles and new sounds!

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