Tarantola is a London based Reggae-Dub with Gypsy influences band that comprises 5 energetic musicians who come from Italy, Brasil and England – and who share their diverse musical influences to bring vibrant, energetic performances and music releases to international audiences. 

Mauro Lacandia, the main writer, hailing straight from the boot of Italy, seeks to recreate the legend of “Taranta", (the traditional music from Salento) the spider that bites people and brings them to a state of trance that can only be cured with dance, music and love! 

Their shows combine high energy performances, intimate moments of interaction with the crowd together with captivating songs that will not let your feet keep still! Tarantola presents their show like a trip around the world and through soundscapes and music traditions that vary from the Mediterranean and the Balkans, to the Caribbean and South America, always keeping that characteristic sound and blend of Reggae Salentino and Uk Dub. 

After having released the "Rogue Rouge Circus", an EP of 5 songs that use the circus as a metaphor for life and inviting people to escape the daily routine of life, now Tarantola is moving towards a new set of releases with a fresher and more modern reggae dub sound, influenced by Mellow Mood, Alborosie, Buju Banton, Snoop Lion, Dubioza Kolektiv, Damian Marley mixed with some gypsy music from different corners of the world! 

Tarantola performed in many prestigious venues and festival such as Koko (London) supporting The Feeder, Camp Bestival (Lulworth Castle), London Remixed Festival, RichMix London, Hootananny (Brixton), Arts by the River Festival (Bournemouth - Headliners), The Scoop (Tower Bridge, London - Headliners). 

Tarantola wants to reach out to all those people who believe that together we can change lives by giving a bit of our time, kindness and empathy.