"Aphty is...an alien hybrid, producing gorgeous, slow and deliberate trip hop beats punctuated with haunting, passion tinged vocals." - Digitized Graffiti

"Dark and murky, yet simultaneously intoxicating." - Twistedsoul

"She hushed the room to awed silence and even at one point appeared to play a Theremin with her head." - MOJO

"Menacingly spacious and elegantly caustic, it shows there’s yet life in the bassy half-time world" - PopMatters

"With the recent loss of everyone’s favourite starman in the sky, it’s comforting to know there are others out there unafraid and brave enough to shed their uniforms of normality for genuine, NASA designed, bonafide space suits." - Digitized Graffiti

"An amazing blend of soul, glitch hop and psychedelia this girl has got some mystical modern vibes" - Pitchblack

"Artfully weaves together keys, samples and her uniquely soulful vocals to create something entirely encapsulating." - Sounddhism

The Peacebloom explodes against the night sky and swirling clouds illuminate the aforementioned starship as her form glides down. As it hits the earth, pine trees violently shiver against a fiery wall of flame. Amongst the metallic rubble of the shuttle, cracked doors open, smoke billows out and a graceful humanoid calmly descends the platform of her ruined ship. Welcome Aphty Khea, starlet and star destroyer all in one.

Presenting herself as an invented creature rather than an artist in the traditional sense, Khea is a sonic healer and has travelled to us from a parallel galaxy, the offspring of a sonic deity and a chameleon humanoid. Consistently stunning her earthbound audi- ences into blissful meditation with her mesmerising live shows, Khea is fast earning herself a meteoric reputation as a live performer.

While on a quest of self enlightenment, this cosmic character stumbles upon Earth, and as an outsider looking in, attempts to breathe life into a seemingly withering existence, one poisoned by our close in range perspective and destructive view of our taken for granted ‘Host’.

Hypnotic, intense and beautifully iridescent, these songs of the Khea being will soak into your mind until you, too, are repeating her mantras.